Do You Have Enough Money to Handle Unexpected Costs?

Do You Have Enough Money to Handle Unexpected Costs?

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There are probably many times in your life in which you have needed just a little extra money. For many people, the jobs they do cover their expenses month to month but just barely. If you were to lose two weeks from work, would you be able to pay your bills? What would you do? What would you do if your car broke down and the repairs cost £500? Would you be able to pay it or would you have to go without a car?

For many people, they would not be able to pay for the costly repairs. The balancing of the budget is a delicate balance that keeps everything working. The simplest hiccups in the process can be devastating. So what are these hiccups that could throw a wrench in the gears?

Car Trouble

Car troubles are one of the most common unexpected expenses you will face. By their very nature, these problems are not something you can plan for. Some people will have enough money to cover the costs of these repairs, but most people who live pay check to pay check will not be able to.

Car troubles are often the result of a few things that are easily preventable if you take your car to regular tune ups. Finding the money for a tune up can be difficult though. Paying out of pocket to tune up a car that isn’t experiencing any trouble can feel like throwing money away. however, the cost of regular tune ups is going to ultimately be lower than the cost of whatever repairs become necessary because you did not get the tune ups.


Overheating is a common cause of trouble amongst cars. Overheating can be a result of fluid levels that are too low, gears that are grinding, or the wrong fuel in the car. Low levels of oil and other lubricants mean that the moving metal components of the car will be grinding together creating friction heat. This can cause your engine to overheat and even worse, seize up and become undrivable. Overheating can also be caused by putting the wrong fuel in a car. Many people think that premium fuel is somehow “better” than the regular 89 octane. This is untrue. Octane is the amount of energy necessary to make a fuel combust. So higher octane gas actually explodes more easily than regular petrol. If you are in a newer car that requires regular but you are filling up with premium petrol, your car might be overheating due to the wrong fuel.


Engine hesitations are another common problem amongst cars. These problems are usually caused by a blockage somewhere in your car that is preventing fuel from getting to the engine or preventing a proper fuel to air mixture. These blocks in the car are oftentimes as simple as a dirty air filter. Dirt and road grime blocks the airflow through the filter, causing hesitation in the engine. These can be easily fixed, but you might have to take out a payday loan to pay for the added costs to the budget.

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