What Are The Different Types of Driving License?

What Are The Different Types of Driving License?

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According to “The Motor Vehicles Act-1988”, you need to have an effective and valid Driving License to drive any motor vehicle on the roads of India. An Effective/ Valid Driving License is a license issued to a person authorizing him/her to drive a vehicle of a specific category, which is still having the date of validity. While operating a vehicle, it is mandatory for the driver to carry the original copy of the license to avoid any kind of trouble at the traffic.

The minimum age for driving in India is 18 years. However, one can ride motorcycles of 50cc or less from the age of 16 years and above. You can get a Driving License at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Motor Vehicles Inspector’s Office after passing the driving test and by proving the required age.

Driving License
Driving License

Learning License

A learning license is a document issued by your state Regional Transport Office. As the name conveys, a Learning License is issued to the ones who wish to learn how to drive. The validity of this license is 30 days, after which the holder can apply for a permanent driving license. If you want to apply for a permanent driving license, then you need to pass an online test conducted by the RTO.

You can also fill the Driving License form online to avoid the hassle of visiting the RTO office personally. There is a rule made, where a person holding the learner’s license cannot drive a vehicle all by himself. The person needs to be accompanied by a person holding a permanent driving license.

Permanent Driving License (Private Vehicles)

A driving license is an official document which facilitates an individual to drive/ride a motorized vehicle like trucks, motorcycles, and cars in India. The RTO officer issues it after the applicant successfully passes a driving license test. A driving license is issued in the form of a smart card that carries the holder’s name, photograph, address, and signature. There is a chip placed on the card that holds the biometric information of the holder like his fingerprints. It also mentions the class of vehicle that the holder is authorized to operate.

Commercial Driving License
Commercial Driving License

Heavy Motor Vehicle License/ Commercial Driving License

To obtain a Heavy Motor Vehicle License, you have to go through a similar process to that of getting a driving license for a private vehicle. While issuing this license, the health status of the applicant is thoroughly checked to check his strength and stability. Moreover, the applicant must have cleared at least 8th standard examination from an authorized school. The rules and regulations of different Indian states decide the minimum age limit criteria of the applicant.

Duplicate Driving License

If you have lost your original Driving License, you need not panic! Fortunately, you can get a duplicate copy of your license issued by the RTO. All you need to do is to lodge an FIR as soon as possible. Hence, you can get a duplicate Driving License by providing few necessary documents at the RTO.

Two Wheeler Insurance Policy
Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

International Driving Permit

With an International Driving Permit, you can rent and drive a vehicle in foreign lands. This permit is a multi-language translation of your Indian driving license. You are supposed to use this permit along with a permanent driving license. This permit is valid for one year, after which the holder needs to re-apply for the document.

Keeping a valid driving license while driving is a must. You must not take traffic rules for granted. If you are caught driving without a valid Driving Licence, then you will be penalized as per regulations stated in the Motor Vehicles Act. All the more, it is even compulsory to insure your vehicle with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy / car insurance. A car insurance policy helps protect against damages to your car under various conditions. You can read more about Car Insurance and Two Wheeler Insurance here.

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