Confirms Partnership with Google Insurance Comparison Site’ Confirms Partnership with Google Insurance Comparison Site’

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Tim Rose, BOSS of Virginia-based, said Google approached his company because it was having trouble attracting carrier partners to its search panel and wanted to offer more carrier options to users.
The partnership works by providing Google Evaluate users use of some associated with’s 41 carrier partners through the Google Compare site.

“They ultimately made a decision that all of us were a brief cut to creating a panel on their own, ” stated Rose.Google is providing’s providers in addition to forming its own carrier panel, said Rose. However, all of’s carrier partners are not available through the Google Compare site.“Google Evaluate will gather user data and ahead that info to us and we’ll forward it onto any in our participating service providers that want their prices shown upon Google [Compare], ” he or she said.

Rose said not every of’s carrier partners want to participate in the new Google Compare venture as some have concerns. He wouldn’t name or give an exact number of’s carriers that agreed to participate, but did say it is “somewhere in between” its 41 partners.“In a few ways, this really is quite frightening for insurance providers. There is actually concern included in this about what goes on if Search engines controls among the avenues exactly where they obtain business, ” he or she said.The connection is additionally non-reciprocal, meaning Search engines Compare opted to not share it’s carrier companions with Rose said that was Google’s decision.

The partnership works by displaying Google Evaluate users multiple quotes after these people input their own information – a few quotes can come from’s carrier partners, and some from’s partners. Quotes may also be provided by Google’s other partner, When users choose to purchase an auto policy on Google’s site from a carrier, they leave the Google site and go to that carrier’s webpage to finish the transaction, just as it works on’s site. Customers can also choose to call and purchase their policy over the phone. is compensated by the carrier just as it would be if they went straight to“From the actual carrier’s perspective, the plan still originated from and they will compensate us. Then we pay Google a share of what we were compensated by the carrier,” said doesn’t charge customers to use its site and the same is true on the Google Compare platform. charges carriers a flat fee per sale that is based on the segment of business. Carriers are only charged if a customer actually buys the policy from the company. then uses that money to advertise on behalf of the carriers.

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